MENUS Château du Pin 2018 d’Anne Villedey

ENTREES (First course) [choose one for the group]

Salmon terrine with spinach

Mushroom Tart

Onion Tart

Leek Tart

Vegetable Platter (cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocados)

Salade Château du Pin (salad greens, duck breast, smoked salmon, foie gras)

Soup : Zucchini or tomato

Note : All entrees are accompanied by a green salad


PLATS (Main course) [choose one for the group]

White fish from the Loire in beurre blanc with steamed potatoes

Roast beef with green beans and potatoes

Beef Bourguignon with steamed potatoes

Coq au vin with scalloped potatoes

Veal stew with rice

Curried pork with rice

Roast chicken with green beans and potatoes

Salmon in beurre blanc with steamed potatoes

Duck breast with honey and shallots


DESSERTS [choose one for the group]


Chocolate supreme

Fruit salad

Tarte Tatin (Upside-down Apple Pie)

Crème Brulée

Strawberry Pie

Floating Island

Blanc manger (white pudding) with orange blossom water

Peach crumble

Note: All meals include fresh French bread and a cheese plate.


Food Shopping: 9 Euros per person

Meal Preparation:

70 Euros for up to 8 people

80 Euros for 8 to 9 people

90 Euros for 10 to 12 people

100 Euros for 12+ people

Cold Buffet

Eggs in aspic with lentil salad
Avocados with Shrimp
Assorted vegetables (beets, cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, radishes) Salmon terrine ~ Accompanied by salad
Onion Tart ~
Mushroom Tart ~
Leek Tart ~

~ Accompanied by salad

Cold salmon
Cold Roast Beef
Cold Roast Pork
White fish (hake), cold
Fried chicken with garlic and parsley

Dishes come with mayonnaise
Green salad or bean salad or potato salad


Tiramisu, Peach Crumble, Fruit Salad, Chocolate Mousse, or Fruit Tart

Meal Preparation:

1 entree - 1 plate - 1 dessert: 12 Euros per person